Friday, November 23, 2012

Ran out of room!

Well, guess what. I ran out of photo room! In 48 posts I have used up the meger 1 GB data plan! Fear not. I have moved the blog to a new blog. If that makes much sense. I hope most of you transfer into the new one, followers and all, but if not I understand. I haven't updated in forever, I know that, but guess what! I AM UPDATING AS I TYPE THIS! YES! I am currently setting up the other blog, and about to tie up Caitlin's challenge. Care for a sneak peak?


Awesome sneak peek right? Too bad that's only said like once. Maybe? I don't even know. ANYWAY. Caitlin is currently impregnanted with babies 75 76 and 77! She will be popping soon! Pictures are in the making!

SO if you enjoy this blog I would love you forever if you worked with me and transitioned to the new blog. It would be much appreciated. I am really sad because I've made it to 8500 views on this blog, thanks to you lovely readers, and now I will be losing everything. Fret not, I will not remove the posts on this blog even though I doubt anyone reads them anymore.

I should have listened and started my blog on wordpress, but hey. It's all okay. Caitlin's blog has not ended, it has just moved to a new home.

You can find the new posts here.

It's not found yet, but that's because there is no post. There will be one up shortly

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