Friday, November 23, 2012

Ran out of room!

Well, guess what. I ran out of photo room! In 48 posts I have used up the meger 1 GB data plan! Fear not. I have moved the blog to a new blog. If that makes much sense. I hope most of you transfer into the new one, followers and all, but if not I understand. I haven't updated in forever, I know that, but guess what! I AM UPDATING AS I TYPE THIS! YES! I am currently setting up the other blog, and about to tie up Caitlin's challenge. Care for a sneak peak?


Awesome sneak peek right? Too bad that's only said like once. Maybe? I don't even know. ANYWAY. Caitlin is currently impregnanted with babies 75 76 and 77! She will be popping soon! Pictures are in the making!

SO if you enjoy this blog I would love you forever if you worked with me and transitioned to the new blog. It would be much appreciated. I am really sad because I've made it to 8500 views on this blog, thanks to you lovely readers, and now I will be losing everything. Fret not, I will not remove the posts on this blog even though I doubt anyone reads them anymore.

I should have listened and started my blog on wordpress, but hey. It's all okay. Caitlin's blog has not ended, it has just moved to a new home.

You can find the new posts here.

It's not found yet, but that's because there is no post. There will be one up shortly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lord Of the Planet? Babies 64 and 65

 "Hey, no the kids are just getting ready to blow out their candles. Yup, so you'll be coming home in a few days?" I answered Matt's usual questions, but his next responses bothered me. "I can't make it home for a while, Kermit." He replied, he sounded sad. "I-I don't understand-" I said, adding a nervous laugh, "I thought you were just there to help your dad out for a little while?" "I lied." Matt replied.
 "What do you mean you lied?" I asked. "I went to Bridgeport, not to screw around or anything, but you know that. Cait, somethings wrong with me." He said. "I really don't understand now." "They found spots on my brain, but it's nothing. Really." He said, almost nonchalantly. "Oh my gosh! Do I need to come down? I can ask Bridget to watch the kids? Hell I'd move out there if need be." I said, panicky. "No-no-no-no. Honestly it's not that bad. A month of testing it'll be fine. You're better off at home. I have to go now, but call me tonight. I promise, stay there, I'll be just fine here. You hear me?" "Loud and clear." "Alright then. Goodbye, I love you." "Love you too."
 After recollecting myself after Matt's abrupt phone call I got the kids all set up with their cakes.
 Each child went one by one, blowing out their candles making wishes.
Peeta went up to his cake, and after an indecisive ten minutes finally decided what he was going to wish for.
I brought each of the triplets to the cake, and blew out each of their one candles.
Since I've gotten back into the groove of things, family pictures have been a must. Peeta found his shirt at a thrift store, and I couldn't stop laughing.
Since the house was pretty full, I decided to have each of the toddlers master their skills, and to have each teenager at least start a skill before they aged up. I took Elodie, and began the process of walking.
Nandri took Coralee, and started her with walking.
And Peeta decided to stick around, so he could help out with the children as well.
"I see great danger in my future!" Tamil worried, messing around with the fortune telling orb. After much consideration, and with a little help from Matt's job, we decided to build a basement for the teenagers and children to explore their skills.
"Your move." Pomme sighed. "I know, I know." Apfel replied with a sigh.
Siyao was having his own fun, rocking it out on the drums. He, as it seemed, picked out a skill to his liking, he didn't just run off to a random thing that looked fun.
After a long while, we advanced to talking, which was a blessing in disguise. Although talking took a bit longer than walking, it was much easier to sit down, and in my opinion it really counted as some one on one time, which is a real rarity anymore.
Apfel decided to move on from the dominoes, and took his hand at the sculpting station.
Peeta was getting more "presents" than words with Auralee, despite his determination.
Nandri was also running into the same problem.
Pomme joined Tamil at the orb, and tried his hand at telling her future. "I see, uh, great danger?" He lied. "That's exactly what I got! I'm going to find a hiding place!" Tamil said, and she ran out of the basement. Pomme laughed to himself, and got up  from the chair.
The piano seemed to call to him, so it wasn't a surprise when he took his seat and started playing.
Apfel wasn't having much luck at the scultping station, so he joined his brothers at the musical instruments, and began with the guitar. I believe, they've found their skills.
 After each of the children learned their skills, I set out the cakes for a large birthday. Each of the quintuplets took their own cake, lighting their own candles, waiting to become young adults.
 Then we brought up the triplets, and aged them up as well.
 And we took one last group picture. It was amazing to have such a large household dim down to just four of us, and it felt quite empty as Peeta, Tamil, Pomme, Apfel, Nandri, and Siyao left.
 Now that it was in fact down to just four, I decided I would use it as bonding time. I didn't plan on having any father's over anytime soon, so we sat down for a game of dominoes. "You know, I'm going to win." Elodie smiled. "Yeah right!" Coralee shot back. "Already winning." Auralee smiled, leaning back in her chair. "You haven't even placed anything down yet." I laughed. "I did. In my mind."
 We were intereupted by the doorbell. "Go ahead and play girls, I'm losing anyways." I said, excusing myself to answer the door. Low and behold, when I wasn't expecting it, a father came to my doorstep. "Hello, I am Frank A-Lien. Don't be confused. I am not an alien, my last name is in fact pronounced
A-Lee-on. I came from the planet-I mean the neighborhood of Twinbrook. I heard about you on the internet." He says, and he puts out his hand for me to shake it. I take it, and give it a little shake.
 "It is nice to be in your company miss Murray. Your home is quite humle. May you show me to the room?" He asked, his voice monotone. "Yeah, sure, uh, right this way!"
 We got into the bed, and although I felt quite awkward, as in more awkward with a 'man' than I have ever been, we got to it.
 "Thank you, miss Murray. I will be on my way." Frank said after we were finished. "Nice meeting you!" I replied. Although that was different, it was much easier than most times.
 A few hours later, Matt called me. "Hi." I said quietly. "Hey, so the doctors did some tests today. It's not as bad as they thought, but they did find out that one of the spots was a tumor." He said, his voice upbeat in a way. "How is that a good thing?" "Well, they don't believe it's cancerous, and it's an easy procedure!"
 "Procedure, as in, cutting you open? Surgery?" I asked. "Yeah, it's really not as bad as it seems." "I don't know Matt, that seems pretty extreme." "I'll be fine, it's not scheduled for another three weeks. Hey, I have to go now, rest easy. Love you." "I don't see how I'll be able to do that, but bye, love you too." I replied, I was the one to click end. I couldn't help but to think that Matt was holding back from me. I pushed it aside, and got my focus on the girls. If it was really a big deal Matt would tell me. I hope.
 Auralee was definitely the less social one of the triplets, while she enjoyed playing with Jumangi, the other two enjoyed having their friends over and playing with each other.
 "This is the mom, and this is the dad." Elodie said, holding up her dolls. "No, that's the uncle. This is the dad." Coralee said. "Noooooo." Elodie argued. This went on for quite a while, until Elodie went upstairs to play with her own dollhouse.
 The next day, after the girls went to school, I met up with Bridget at the thrift store, we hadn't chatted in a little while, nor had we gone out, other than the arcade, and I felt that we needed some alone time together.
 "I just really hope he's not hiding anything from me." I said, after filling Bridget in on Matt's predicament. "I highly doubt he is, I mean, he's Matt!" Bridget replied. "I don't know. Ever since the explosion he's been a bit... I don't know. Off?" "It's all in your head woman. I think all these kids are getting to you. Come on, let's go look around!" Bridget said, and she started to pull on my arm.
 "Look at this cool thing!" She said, instantly picking up a game device. "Bridget, you have one of those at your house." I replied with a smirk. "So! I've never used it. Oh my goodness there's a dinosaur!" She shrieked. "Yeah, it's a stimulant game. You have to move around to operate your character." I filled her in. "I can play a guitar to soothe the dinosaur!" She laughed, and she started to 'play' the guitar. I chuckled, and walked away to look at something to bring home for the kids.
 While we were the there, the baby kicked signifying that he/she was with me. "Hey little one." I whispered to my small belly.
 When we got to my house, the girls were in the backyard playing together. Of course Coralee and Elodie were playing together on the trampoline, but Auralee called over Elodie to the treehouse.
 "What do you want?" Elodie called out to her sister.
 "To make you smell better!" Auralee laughed, taking a bucket to the window. She set it on the edge, and then let the water spill.
 "AHH! NO!" Elodie screamed. "Now I'm all wet!" She whined. Auralee laughed to herself, and returned to her treehouse. She later repayed her sister by giving her juice, and animal crackers, and a bar of soap from the bathroom, but she did give an apology, so it was somewhat alright.
 The first day of my pregnancy moved fast, and by the end of the day I was already walked like my belly was completely out. I had a feeling it was going to be multiples again this time.
 The next day I spent the majority of my morning repairing the dishwasher. The drasted thing kept breaking, so after I fixed it I upgraded it to unbreakable, so we wouldn't have a problem in the future.
 By the end of the second day my belly was almost at full size. I headed to bed shortly after the girls did, and I slept a long restful night.
 In the morning when I went to the basement to play the piano I suddenly went into labor. I called Frank up, in case he wanted to be there, and I headed down to the hospital.
 Where I gave birth to not one, but two little babies. Welcome to the world Xanadu.
                                                   Welcome to the world little Legolas.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


                                                             Matt's POV.
Quite recently, I have been experiencing headaches to an extreme that it's not even plausible to explain. Of course, I've tried to explain my symptoms to Caitlin, but against her best efforts she couldn't tell me what to do. My father isn't sick, and he's already housed in an old folks home, my brother planted in a sanitarium for his, and every one elses own sake. I didn't leave to help other people. I left, to help myself.
Not a single doctor in Appaloosa Plains has been able to tell me what's wrong. So I made up a story for Caitlin, and I headed to Bridgeport to see some of the best doctors in the country. I didn't lie to Caitlin so I could go and play around in Bridgeport, I would never do that. I lied because I couldn't have her worrying about me. I would be fine. It's probably just nothing, but that is how I came to come face to face with one of the best doctors in the country.
"Are you comfortable?" She asks. "I'd be more comfortable with.. Pants." I say. She laughs. "As would I dear. So, what's been going on lately?" She starts out with the questions, most of which I am determined to answer.
"Well, I've been experiencing horrible headaches, nauseousness in the evenings I guess, my blood count dropped dramatically, from what the doctors in Appaloosa Plains could decifer, but overall it's just the headaches, and the fact that I can't sleep at night, and when and if I do sleep it's like blacking out." I name off all the symptoms that come to mind. Her face immediately drops. "They didn't tell me it was so severe." She says.
"Have you been involved in any accidents? According to your file you've never had cancer, so no radiation treatments gone bad then-" She starts, and after the word radiation, something comes to mind. "You said radiation... Would an explosion count?" I ask. "If it was nuclear, yes. Why is that?" "I was involved.. In an explosion when I was on duty in another country. They never told me what type it was. I lost two of my men in that explosion. And my symptoms started after I got out of the hospital, which was about a few weeks after the fact." I say. "That right there could be the initial cause of your problems. I'm going to issue an MRI, just to scan the brain for anything. I believe you may have acute radiation syndrome, which can cause cancer and all sorts of symptoms. I just want to be sure you don't have any spots on your brain."
She walked me down the hall and to an elevator, we went all the way to floor 27, then finally reached our destination. She opened the door for me, and told me to lie down on a small table. Everything in the room was white, and shiny. The lights were set to an intense setting, because they were burning my eyes. "Okay, I'm just going to go in that room right there. Feel free to close your eyes at any time, and stay calm, there's going to be a red light, that will spin a few times around your head. If you move at all it can distort the picture. Okay?" She explains everything to me, and I nod.
The machine must turn on, because the metal interior starts to spin, and the red light she was talking about flashes brightly, like everything else in the room. I close my eyes, and level my head. Hopefully, it's not as severe as it seems to be. It can't be that bad. Headaches, and loss of sleep. That's nothing. It's nothing.

After an hour of MRI testing, and a few hours after my blood was taken, she leads me back to the hospital room I started in. I lay down, and wait for the results to come to me. When my doctor comes in with a fake smile plastered to her face, I don't feel as happy as before. "Matthew. What we found was along the lines of the acute radiation syndrome, but that's not what worries me. Those symptoms are treatable, and in the end you could live a happy life, but the MRI showed spots on your brain-and I couldn't tell if they were tumors-or just-spots. Matthew if it's what my fellow workmen believe it is to be, you're looking at 6 months to a year left to live." She drops her eye contact, looking to the floor. Immediately my heart drops. "But, that's without treatment. If you go through with the treatment, it'll be, intense, but your results of the aftermath will be much better than going without." She says, and she regains her eye contact.
"I'll go through with treatment." I say.
"I'll book you a room." She replies.
Looks like I can't keep this 'my little secret' anymore.